March 7, 2011

Dear friends:

Between 2004 and 2011, Socialist Voice published a wide variety of articles reflecting a non-sectarian, revolutionary socialist outlook on history, politics, and the global struggle for a better world.

We’re proud of what we have achieved, but our commitments to broader movements for justice and social change have made it difficult for the editors to devote the time that a publication of this scope requires.

So we have reluctantly decided to suspend publication indefinitely.

We will continue working closely with the many activists we have met through Socialist Voice. We also intend to keep writing for a variety of publications, including Links, Green Left Weekly, and The Bullet, which over the years have republished many SV articles.

We will keep this website online. To view all the articles Socialist Voice has published, see the Index by Date or the Index by Subject. To locate articles by specific authors, or containing keywords,  use the Search box in the left column.

Socialist Voice also published 17 pamphlets: all are available as free PDF downloads from Reading from the Left.

Our commitment to the cause of socialism in the 21st century is undiminished. Thank you for your support: we look forward to working with you in our common fight for freedom and justice.


Ian Angus, Roger Annis. John Riddell