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Bolivia: When fantasy trumps reality

by Federico Fuentes
Under the presidency of Evo Morales, Bolivia has achieved a new constitution incorporating the rights of indigenous peoples, the beginning of land reform, the nationalization of important natural resources and increased state social spending to the poor. We hear nothing of this in the mainstream media. And ironically, although the left is fiercely critical of biased media coverage, it can also fall in the trap of media distortion, particularly if its coverage dovetails with its own fantasies. Continue reading

Preparing a new International: ‘Anti-imperialism should be the common element that brings us all together’

A LeftViews interview with Julio Chávez
Julio Chávez is a member of the international committee of the congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which is charged with drafting a specific plan of action to form a new socialist international. He was interviewed by Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes. Continue reading

Chavez’s Historic Call for International Socialist Unity

by Federico Fuentes
(Caracas, November 27, 2009) Addressing delegates at the International Encounter of Left Parties held in Caracas, November 19-21, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that with the capitalist crisis and threat of war risking the future of humanity, “the people are clamoring” for greater unity of those willing to fight for socialism. Continue reading

Political Crisis, Economic Crisis: Challenges for the Radical Left

by Alex Callinicos
is Socialist Voice’s forum for articles related to rebuilding the left in Canada and around the world, reflecting a wide variety of socialist opinion. In this article , a central leader of Britain’s Socialist Workers Party discusses the challenges facing the British left in face of the global economic crisis, the decline of the Labour Party, and the weakness of left wing parties across Europe.

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Ecosocialism – For a Society of Good Ancestors!

Ian Angus was a featured guest at the World at a Crossroads: Fighting for Socialism in the 21st Century conference , in Sydney Australia, April 10-12, 2009. The event, which drew 440 participants from more than 15 countries, was organized by Democratic Socialist Perspective, Resistance and Green Left Weekly. The following is Ian’s talk to the plenary session on “Confronting the climate change crisis: an ecosocialist perspective.” He has lightly edited the text for publication.

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Another Left is Possible: The Protests in France and the New Anti-Capitalist Party

By Nathan Rao. It would be wrong to see the massively successful protest actions in France [March 21] as distant and exotic, of no particular relevance to us here in Canada. With the economic meltdown heralding a new political era, and with most of the country’s Left and social movements still stunned and disoriented following their embrace of the misguided and failed Liberal-led coalition plan, the French experience is instructive and inspiring. Continue reading

New Left Party in Philippines Seeks Power for the Masses

By Peter Boyle. More than a thousand people, including 920 elected delegates, attended the inaugural congress of Partido Lakas ng Masa (Power of the Masses Party) in Manila on January 30, 2009. They represented the mass organizations of workers, urban poor, peasants, students, street vendors, jeepney and tricycle drivers, women and senior citizens – a mass base estimated at 300,000 according to PLM leaders. Continue reading

The Capitalist Crash and the New Challenges Facing Socialists

By Roger Annis and John Riddell (Editors of Socialist Voice). The capitalist world is being shaken by the most profound economic disruption since the Great Depression of the 1930s. At the same time, the imperialist powers, including Canada, are intensifying their wars in Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere in the Middle East. This situation poses new challenges and responsibilities for socialists in Canada and around the world. Continue reading

The Coalition: Its Nature, Its Future and Our Perspectives

By Bernard Rioux. An intolerable economic statement. The formation of a coalition of opposition parties claiming they want to bring down the government. A shuttered parliament, MPs flushed from it for two months at the prime minister’s whim. The House of Commons has been the setting for a parliamentary crisis the likes of which have never been seen in Canada. How should we analyze what has just happened and its consequences? Continue reading

Canada’s Elections: What’s the Alternative to the Tories?

By Roger Annis. Canada’s minority Conservative Party government has called a federal election for October 14. Serious issues confront voters  war in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the economic downturn that that will grow out of the U.S. financial crisis, and climate change that endangers human life on our planet. But four of the five parties in the federal parliament are avoiding serious debate on these issues. Continue reading

If Socialism Fails: The Spectre of 21st Century Barbarism

By Ian Angus. From the first day it appeared online, Climate and Capitalism’s masthead has carried the slogan “Ecosocialism or Barbarism: there is no third way.” We’ve been quite clear that ecosocialism is not a new theory or brand of socialism — it is socialism with Marx’s important insights on ecology restored, socialism committed to the fight against ecological destruction. But why do we say that the alternative to ecosocialism is barbarism? Continue reading

Revolutionary Organization Today: Part One

Introduction. Anyone familiar with the socialist movement in the industrialized countries today must be struck by the huge gap between what’s needed — mass socialist parties with deep roots in the working class — and the reality — small groups of socialists with little influence. Socialist Voice is pleased to publish a two-part special feature on this critical question. Continue reading