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Mariátegui and the ‘problem of the Indian’ — a critical appreciation by Luis Vitale

Introduced and translated by Richard Fidler
Luis Vitale, a prominent Chilean revolutionary socialist and prolific Marxist historian, died in Santiago on June 27, 2010. Born in Argentina in 1927, he had moved to Chile at an early age and from the mid-1950s was an active militant in the labour movement and far-left parties, both in that country and in exile, until this century. Continue reading

Do Indigenous Concepts Help or Hinder in Fighting the World’s Climate Crisis?

A LeftViews Debate between Pablo Stefanoni and Hugo Blanco
Translated and introduced by Richard Fidler

The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April, has fueled a growing debate in Latin America over the validity and usefulness of traditional Indigenous value systems and forms of organization in resolving the pressing social problems of the region, not least the challenges posed by the climate crisis. We publish here two differing assessments. Continue reading

Popular Resistance Rejects Fake Elections in Honduras

Introduction by Felipe Stuart Cournoyer
In the following Comunique, the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup in Honduras (NFRAC) declares that it will not recognize the legitimacy of elections proposed by the coup regime for November 29. Its statement follows on the breakdown of the “Tegucigalpa Agreement,” an effort to resolve the political crisis created by the June coup against President Manuel Zelaya Rosales. Continue reading

Honduras: Street battles rage as military attacks pro-democracy uprising

by Federico Fuentes
To counteract the capitalist media’s silence about the struggle for democracy and justice in Honduras, the invaluable socialist paper Green Left Weekly has stepped up its coverage of this week’s dramatic developments with frequent web updates. We encourage Socialist Voice readers to follow GLW’s important reports on the Honduran struggle. The following article
was posted on September 24. Continue reading

Venezuela: Class struggle intensifies over battle for workers’ control

By Federico Fuentes (Caracas) On July 22, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez again declared his complete support for the proposal by industrial workers for a new model of production based on workers’ control. This push from Chavez, part of the socialist revolution, aims at transforming Venezuela’s basic industry. However, it faces resistance from within the state bureaucracy and the revolutionary movement. Continue reading

Americas Summit: ALBA Nations Condemn Capitalism

Introduction. The following statement was issued on April 17 by six of the seven governments of the ALBA economic and social alliance in Latin America. (The seventh member, Ecuador, was unable to attend the meeting.) Speaking in Australia, Luis Bilbao, editor of the monthly magazine América XXI (published in Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay), described the statement as “profound” and “historic.” Continue reading

‘We are facing something more than a mere financial crisis’

Cuban economist Oswaldo Martinez, with Fidel Castro

Cuban economist Oswaldo Martinez,
with Fidel Castro

An Interview with Cuban economist Oswaldo Martínez. 2009 started off badly. The international economic crisis is the top priority of governments, companies, international organizations and individuals preoccupied with having a roof to sleep under and food on the table.

The situation has surprised almost everybody, albeit Cuba to a lesser degree. Almost a decade ago, Commander Fidel Castro warned that the conditions were being created for the outbreak of a crisis of enormous dimensions. Continue reading

‘First Victory’ in Guadeloupe General Strike; Movement Spreads to Other French Colonies

By Richard Fidler. The general strike in Guadeloupe ended March 4, when an Accord was signed between the LKP Strike Collective and the local governments, the employers’ federation and the French government that granted the strikers their top 20 immediate demands and provided for continued negotiations on the remaining 126 mid-term and long-term demands. The LKP, or Lihannaj Kont Pwofitasyon — Collective against super-exploitation — is a coalition of 49 unions and grassroots organizations. Continue reading