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How Can We Aid Libya’s Freedom Movement?

by John Riddell
The brutal massacres of civilians in Libya at the order of the country’s dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, have shocked the world. His air force has carried out air strikes against unarmed civilians. On February 25, Qaddafi followers aimed murderous fire on anti-government protests in his last stronghold, Tripoli. The government declares its intention of reconquering the country in civil war.

What can we in Canada do to end the killings? Continue reading

How Can We Defend Communities in Struggle?

By John Riddell
The debates following the G20 protests in Toronto last June have raised important questions about how activists can defend and expand arenas of resistance to capitalism, at a time when the system’s power seems overwhelming. Several articles in the latest issue of Upping the Anti, a leading journal of anti-capitalist thought offer an opportunity to discuss this question on a broader basis. Continue reading

Internal Revolt Shakes B.C. NDP, Labour Movement

By Roger Annis
Two political shakeups have rocked British Columbia in the past two months. First was the resignation of the long-standing premier of the province, Gordon Campbell, on November 3, victim of the fallout of a hated tax he imposed. One month later, the leader of the opposition party, Carole James, was forced to step down by a revolt within her party. Continue reading

Rallies in Vancouver Protest Continued Detention of Tamil Asylum Seekers

by Roger Annis
Weekly rallies are taking place in Vancouver in support of the 492 Tamil asylum seekers who landed on Canada’s west coast on August 13. The government of Canada seeks to block their entry into the country and right-wing forces are mobilizing for changes in policy that would sharply curtail the rights of refugees in future such arrivals. A long political battle has begun. Continue reading

Canada’s Failed Aid to Haiti

by Roger Annis
The six month mark after Haiti’s January 12 earthquake saw a flurry of news reports in Canada and around the world. The depictions of the harsh conditions still prevailing for most earthquake victims took many people by surprise. The relative silence of the media over the last few months led many to assume that the international aid effort had accomplished much more than it has. Continue reading

British Columbia’s Fossil Fuel Superpower Ambitions

by Roger Annis
The province of Alberta is well known as a climate-destroying behemoth. The tar sands developments in the north of that province are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. Less well known are the ambitions of its neighbouring province, British Columbia. It shares similar fossil fuel reserves and ambitions as Alberta. Continue reading

British Columbia: Corporate Vandals Assault Rivers, Oceans, Forests

by Roger Annis
The assault on the environment accompanying expanding fossil fuel extraction is nothing new for the corporate elite in British Columbia. The lamentable state of the forest ranges, fish stocks and water quality in the province are a warning of the sharp threat to the entire biosphere by profit-hungry resource corporations that hangs over the entire province. Continue reading

Thousands protest opening of Vancouver Winter Olympics

By Roger Annis
(Vancouver BC) Five thousand people took to the streets here on February 12 to protest the opening of the corporate spectacle known as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The largest social rights action in Vancouver in many years coincided with the Games’ opening ceremony at a downtown arena attended by 60,000 people. Continue reading

Olympic Flame Parades Through Ravaged Northern British Columbia

by Roger Annis
The Vancouver Winter Olympic torch relay is winding its way across northern British Columbia this week. It arrived in the coastal town of Kitimat yesterday, February 1. The celebration was subdued. Like most towns on the relay’s route, Kitimat is suffering huge economic blows from the barons of the natural resource industries that are the mainstay of the province’s economy. Continue reading