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Federal Government in Denial as Economic Crisis Slams Canada

By Roger Annis. As the grim news of growing job losses mounts in Canada, the federal Conservative government is continuing the politics of denial that marked last autumn’s election campaign. Especially troubling for the working class is that opposition political parties, including the trade union-based New Democratic Party, are offering no substantial alternative. Continue reading

‘We are facing something more than a mere financial crisis’

Cuban economist Oswaldo Martinez, with Fidel Castro

Cuban economist Oswaldo Martinez,
with Fidel Castro

An Interview with Cuban economist Oswaldo Martínez. 2009 started off badly. The international economic crisis is the top priority of governments, companies, international organizations and individuals preoccupied with having a roof to sleep under and food on the table.

The situation has surprised almost everybody, albeit Cuba to a lesser degree. Almost a decade ago, Commander Fidel Castro warned that the conditions were being created for the outbreak of a crisis of enormous dimensions. Continue reading

The Capitalist Crash and the New Challenges Facing Socialists

By Roger Annis and John Riddell (Editors of Socialist Voice). The capitalist world is being shaken by the most profound economic disruption since the Great Depression of the 1930s. At the same time, the imperialist powers, including Canada, are intensifying their wars in Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere in the Middle East. This situation poses new challenges and responsibilities for socialists in Canada and around the world. Continue reading