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How Can We Defend Communities in Struggle?

By John Riddell
The debates following the G20 protests in Toronto last June have raised important questions about how activists can defend and expand arenas of resistance to capitalism, at a time when the system’s power seems overwhelming. Several articles in the latest issue of Upping the Anti, a leading journal of anti-capitalist thought offer an opportunity to discuss this question on a broader basis. Continue reading

Why We Boycott Israel


A LeftViews article by Art Young
When Israeli commandos attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters on May 31, murdered nine humanitarian aid workers and seized the cargo of badly needed supplies for Gaza, they touched off an international storm of outrage that continues to this day. The widespread anger has galvanized the international movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people, drawing in new forces and producing new initiatives. Continue reading

Preparing a new International: ‘Anti-imperialism should be the common element that brings us all together’

A LeftViews interview with Julio Chávez
Julio Chávez is a member of the international committee of the congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which is charged with drafting a specific plan of action to form a new socialist international. He was interviewed by Kiraz Janicke and Federico Fuentes. Continue reading

Socialist Voice Readers Debate China

by Ian Angus
In recent weeks an intense discussion of the Chinese state and economy has attracted record numbers of visitors to the Socialist Voice website. They’ve been following an extended debate on whether capitalism has been definitively restored in China, and whether China is pursuing imperialist policies in the Third World. Continue reading

Québec Solidaire members defend party’s position on secularism and women’s rights

LeftViews articles by Benoit Renaud and Bernard Rioux
Translated and introduced by Richard Fidler

The January 6 edition of the Montréal daily Le Devoir featured a hard-hitting op-ed defense of Québec Solidaire’s position on separation of church and state and its opposition to the imposition of Islamophobic dress codes for civil servants. Continue reading

Class Against Class? Real World Alignments for Revolution

by Mike Ely
Socialist Voice‘s forum for articles related to rebuilding the left in Canada and around the world, reflecting a wide variety of socialist opinion.

This article was published on August 19 on the website of the Kasama Project, which describes itself as a “communist project” that seeks “to find the forms of organization and action for the people most dispossessed by this system to free themselves and all humanity.” It is reposted here with the author’s permission. Continue reading

Will U.S. Health Reforms Harm Working People?

by Fred Feldman
LeftViews is Socialist Voice’s forum for articles related to rebuilding the left in Canada and around the world, reflecting a wide variety of socialist opinion. In this article, a long-time Marxist activist in the United States argues that the left should not automatically dismiss the concerns of some opponents of proposed U.S. health care reforms.

Continue reading

Political Crisis, Economic Crisis: Challenges for the Radical Left

by Alex Callinicos
is Socialist Voice’s forum for articles related to rebuilding the left in Canada and around the world, reflecting a wide variety of socialist opinion. In this article , a central leader of Britain’s Socialist Workers Party discusses the challenges facing the British left in face of the global economic crisis, the decline of the Labour Party, and the weakness of left wing parties across Europe.

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Left Refoundation: For new unity on an anti-sectarian basis

LeftViews is Socialist Voice’s forum for articles related to rebuilding the left in Canada and around the world, reflecting a wide variety of socialist opinion.

This article is an excerpt from a statement by Rowland Keshena, an indigenous socialist activist in southwestern Ontario. It was published in his blog, By Any Means Necessary, which “aims to be a home for anyone who wants to change the current system of oppression and exploitation.” Continue reading

Debate: How Should Anti-Imperialists Respond to Iran’s Political Crisis?

A recent Socialist Voice article, Iranian Workers in Action for Democratic Rights, by Robert Johnson and John Riddell, provoked an online debate about how anti-imperialist activists should defend Iranian sovereignty in response to the political crisis there. Because this debate reflects broader disagreements in the left around the world, we are publishing two submissions by Stansfield Smith, together with responses from Johnson and Riddell. Continue reading

Why Cuba Still Matters

Introduction. This month, Monthly Review published a special issue on Cuba, marking the 50th anniversary of the island’s liberation from the U.S.-sponsored Batista dictatorship. The following is the concluding section of the lead article, “Why Cuba Still Matters.” The author, Diana Raby, argues that the Cuban people should be honoured not only for a half-century of resistance to U.S. blockade and subversion, not only for their world-leading educational and health systems, but for its new and original contributions to the world struggle for liberation. Continue reading

Manifesto of the First Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering

TOUJOURS REBELLES: WAVES OF RESISTANCE: For all those who think feminism is dead: the young feminists are far from silent! The first pan-Canadian young feminist gathering, “Waves of Resistance,” was held October 10-13 in Montreal. More than 500 young women who invaded the classrooms of UQAM for 3 days to reaffirm the relevance of feminism and to act collectively on issues including the feminization of poverty, hypersexualization and racism. The meeting concluded with the adoption of a pan-Canadian young feminists’ manifesto, a document that will be a political tool for all the young feminists in their communities. Continue reading

Revolutionary Organization Today: Part One

Introduction. Anyone familiar with the socialist movement in the industrialized countries today must be struck by the huge gap between what’s needed — mass socialist parties with deep roots in the working class — and the reality — small groups of socialists with little influence. Socialist Voice is pleased to publish a two-part special feature on this critical question. Continue reading