New Pamphlets on Indigenous Struggles, Palestinian Rights

Socialist Voice is pleased to announce two new pamphlets offering Marxist perspectives on critical issues in the world today.

For the Land!
Roots and Revolutionary Dynamics of Indigenous Struggles in Canada

by Mike Krebs

For decades, the most pointed struggles, the ones that have electrified Indigenous people across Canada, have been assertions of rights over their lands. Mike Krebs analyses the history, present reality, and direction of the fight of Indigenous people in Canada for justice and self-determination.

Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Defense of Palestinian Rights
By Suzanne Weiss

A new edition, updated and expanded, of one of Socialist Voice‘s most widely read pamphlets. Examines the causes of anti-Semitism, the horror of the Holocaust, and the need for solidarity between Jewish and Moslem activists to defend the Palestinians and oppose Zionism.

These pamphlets are available now in two formats:

1. PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED COPIES can be purchased by mail from South Branch Publications. Download and print the Order Form from the Socialist Voice Publications Page.

2. FREE PDF COPIES can be downloaded from the Socialist Voice Publications Page.