From 2004 to 2011, Socialist Voice provided news and analysis of today’s struggles of the workers and oppressed, from the standpoint of revolutionary Marxism. It was based in Canada but was international in scope. Publication was suspended in March 2011.

The Editors of Socialist Voice were Ian Angus, Roger Annis, and John Riddell, and the Contributing Editors were Katan Alder, Ian Beeching, Sandra Browne, Bill Burgess, Phil Cournoyer, Fred Feldman, Richard Fidler, Federico Fuentes, James Haywood, Derrick O’Keefe, Andrea Pinochet, Art Young, and Suzanne Weiss.

Permission is granted for non-commercial republication in electronic or other forms, including translation into other languages, of any article or comment published in Socialist Voice, provided that: (1) the material is unchanged; (2) Socialist Voice is clearly identified as the source; and, (3) our web address is included: www.socialistvoice.ca.

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