Socialist Voice pamphlets

These pamphlets, and many others, are now available as Free PDF Downloads from Reading from the Left

  • La Vía Campesina: Farmers North and South Confront Agribusiness. by John Riddell and Adriana Paz
  • Marx, Engels, and Darwin. by Ian Angus
  • Why Washington Hates Iran: A Political Memoir of the Revolution that Shook the Middle Eastby Barry Sheppard
  • For the Land! Roots and Revolutionary Dynamics of Indigenous Struggles in Canadaby Mike Krebs
  • Food Crisis: World Hunger, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative by Ian Angus
  • Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Defense of Palestinian Rights (Expanded Second Edition) by Suzanne Weiss.
  • Canada’s Assault on Afghanistan: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups by Roger Annis and Ian Beeching
  • COMINTERN: Revolutionary Internationalism in Lenin’s Time by John Riddell
  • Cuba in a Time of Transition by John Riddell, Phil Cournoyer, Fidel Castro, and Duroyan Fertl
  • The Fight for Indigenous Rights in the Andes Today by Hugo Blanco
  • From Resistance to Power! Manifestos of the fight for Indigenous Rights in Central and South America
  • Global Warming, Biofuels and World Hunger by Fidel Castro
  • Haiti and the Myth of Canadian Peacekeeping by Roger Annis
  • Venezuela Eyewitness by Suzanne Weiss and John Riddell
  • Venezuela and the International Struggle for Socialism by John Riddell, Roger Annis, Ian Angus and Federico Fuentes
  • Confronting the Climate Change Crisis: An Ecosocialist Perspective by Ian Angus
  • How to Avoid Action on Climate Change by Ian Angus